St. John’s-Bay of Fundy-June 4

Because of the extreme, 50 foot tide differential and the topography, water runs in opposite directions at different times of the day.

Many minerals in these rocks-a find for rock collectors

The rocks were on this beach.

Our photographer/guide led us to some beautiful spots.

Two happy photographers

The guide demonstrates a photo tip.

Crab claw

Returning to the Reversing Falls Rapids later in the morning, the water flowed in the opposite direction.

Legend has it that a woman, jilted by her boyfriend, tried to take her life by jumping from this bridge; her hoop skirt cushioned her fall and, by chance, she landed on a passing boat. The handsome boat captain started a romance with her and they lived happily ever after.

Nearby zip-line was attracting lots of customers.

Camera posing in a shop near the ship; we saw no actual moose.

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