Portland-June 6

Another day, another tour—this time a walking tour of Portland followed by lobster fishing.

This armillary sculpture is unnamed but is supposed to commemorate people-powered transportation in Portland.

Our guide, giving his first-ever tour of Portland’s wharf area, now populated by many shops, restaurants and residences.

What the wharf looked like prior to redevelopment

Inside Portland’s Harbor Fish Market; it had many unusual things including these fiddlehead ferns

The market sells a great variety of fish.

A chunk of the Berlin Wall on our tour

One of the lobster boat staff explaining the herring bait

The captain explains that lobsters must be a certain length to be kept.

The trap with multiple compartments to entice the lobsters

Lot of seagulls around the boat, all hoping for a snack

The gull in the right front window is named Jerry—he comes for a visit each time the boat is out.

Time to get serious about the fishing

Let’s get that trap out there.

Now the bait…

New way to wear a lobster fishing hat-see the next photo for an adjustment.

Now you’ve got it and a crab too

A little bait creates a feeding frenzy.

Learning how to tape the claws

A photo of this lighthouse is featured on our itinerary page.

New captain

View of the Norwegian Dawn

Our lobster boat

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