Montenegro was the most beautiful spot we visited on the cruise.

A tender boat took us from the ship to 

Kotor, a beautiful area now very popular with tourists.

A bus took us to many, beautiful surrounding areas.

In this popular seaside resort, many luxurious hotels 

have either been built or are under construction. 

Sveti Stefan dates back to the 15th century, when the fortified village was built to defend against the Turks. 

Access to Sveti Stefan is strictly controlled requiring either a hotel

or restaurant reservation. Rooms start at 1,000 Euros rising to 4,000 Euros per night. The owner is Aman Resorts, a Russian entity.

Clay tennis courts are common in the region.

Entering the Old Town of Buda

Originally part of the Venetian Empire, the town dates to the ninth century.

As our guide led us into town, we noticed many quaint shops and restaurants.

The square is a center of culture and creativity in Budva.

Pi symbol in the square

Church of St. John the Baptist, dating from the 7th century

Although very small, the church was the cathedral for the Diocese of Budva until 1828.

After a brief tour of the old city, there was only a short time for lunch.  This caprese salad at a square cafe filled the time perfectly.

Next up was a visit to the Djuric family farm in the village of Grbalj.

It was a little difficult to get a bus into this location but the driver managed with the usual skill.

After introductions, we were given some homemade wine and brandy, some of which was very potent.

Next, we went to this building that was a small restaurant. This was supposed to be for a few snacks but it seemed like a second lunch.

A short tour of the farm followed.

Next door was a small church still used by local villagers.

Later in the day, this photo was snapped, a favorite from the cruise.  Our ship is the black and white one in the middle. Truly, this area seems like one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

We made a quick drive-by of a local farmers’ market.

To end the tour, it was back on the tender boat to travel to the cruise ship.