Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral

Boccadama Restaurant

Wine window used during the bubonic plague to prevent human contact.

Complesso di San Firenze, a former church and palace

Badìa Fiorentina, a former abbey and church

Arrival of the band for a Republic Day concert

Neptune Fountain

Palazzo delle Assicurazioni Generali designed in 1871 and is one of few commercial buildings in the centre of the city.

Palazzo Vecchio, now a museum

Replica of David statue

Abduction of a Sabine Woman statue

Perseus with the head of Medusa statue

Monument commemorating the site of a bombing attack in 1993

Ponte Vecchio bridge

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The Gates of Paradise

Giotto's Bell Tower

Basilica of San Lorenzo Facade

La Ménagère, 120 year old housewares store, our venue for lunch

Leaving Livorno, our port for Florence